Spring Session 2017/18 League Year
All matches scheduled at Claddagh Pub, 399 Canal St, Lawerence, Ma 
The Claddagh offers a full menu so please be considerate and do not bring your own food.
If you prefer to eat at another local establishment in between rounds, let us know and we will try to accommodate extra time for you do do so.
June 1-2
8-Ball Division Championships
June 2-3 
8-Ball Second Chance
June 8-10 
8-Ball Tri-Cup 
Played at home locations
9-Ball Division Championship 
June 9 
9-Ball Second Chance
June 10 
9-Ball Tri Cup
June 16 
World Championship Qualifier (LTC) 
8-Ball First Round 10am, 2nd Round 2pm
9-Ball First Round 2pm, 2nd Round 6pm