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Northeast Mass APA Pool League

Middlesex/Essex Counties

Bylaws for years 2015-2016


Northeast Mass APA Pool League

Phone: 978-710-6403

Fax: 978-710-6502


League Operator: Jamey Gray


1. Office Hours: 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm. If you call and get our recording, please leave your name, number, and a short message and someone will get back to you, or call your Division Rep.


2. Make-Ups: If a team asks for a postponement, then the match must be made up within 2 weeks, and the team that asked for the change must agree on the make-up date the other team chooses.  Teams have until 3 hours before the scheduled match time to notify the opposing captain of the postponement.


3. Sandbagging: Teams caught “sandbagging”, or caught sending falsified score sheets may be subject to one of the following (A) removal from the league (B) all members of the team will be raised one handicap level.


4. Byes: 8 points will be awarded for 8-ball and 60 points for 9-ball.  This does not include any additional bonus points.


5. Checks: please make checks out to the Northeast Ma. APA Pool League. There will be a $20.00 charge for all returned checks, plus loss of the bonus points.


6. Fees: There is a @45.00 per week ($55.00 for payback leagues) team fee for all scheduled matches regardless of forfeits, including playoff matches. There is no charge for byes, with the exception of the payback leagues, which pay $10.00 on these nights. All fees must be current for any team or player to enter the Session, Singles and doubles tournaments, Session Regional and state Championships and any other league sponsored event.


7. Payback Division payout structure: The collected monies separated by divisions with adjustments for dues owed will be distributed as follows: Most points during the regular league session = 20%, 1st place in playoffs = 40%, 2nd place in playoffs = 30%, 3rd place in playoffs 10%.


8. Bonus Points: 3 bonus points will be awarded each week for 8-ball (1 for getting it in on time, 1 for completeness and 1 for weekly fees being up to date.  20 bonus points will be awarded for 9-ball teams that have their envelopes postmarked by the day after league play and have the correct money, with a completed score sheet enclosed. Teams will be given a (1) day grace period if you fax, email or text your score sheets in the next day.


9. Late Fees: Any team that falls two (2) weeks behind in paying their dues will be sent a warning notice stating that their team will be dropped from the league for non-payment of their dues. Any team that falls (3) weeks behind in paying dues may be dropped from the league for non-payment of their dues. Any team that falls (3 ) weeks behind may be required to pay there next opponent prior to the start of the next Match if the league deems it necessary to collect the late fees.


10. Forfeits: If a team fails to show up for a match, the opposing team will be receive 10 points for 8-ball and 75 points for 9-ball. This does not include additional bonus points.  If possible, we will try to schedule make-up matches during the first two weeks of play for teams that played against a no show team. If only one player shows from the opposing team, you will receive any points gained from the 1 game and the remaining games will be forfeited. On the last two weeks of the session, if a team forfeits the



entire match or more, they will not be eligible for a wildcard draw.


11. Last Two Week Forfeit: Any team that forfeits their match during the last two weeks of a session maybe suspended from the league. If the team that does forfeit is a qualified team for higher level of play, they could possibly lose their eligibility.


12. Forfeit Time: A team match is forfeited if no players show up by 30 minutes after the scheduled time indicated on the score sheet.


13. Player ID’s: League members must have a picture ID with them when playing in the league. Any player may request to see a player’s ID for verification. Just before the match, or just after, is the proper time to request the ID.  Any team that plays under a false name will have their team’s points lowered to one less than the last place team in their division and not eligible for the wild card draw that session.   Their opponents will receive all points won plus 1 point for 8-ball, 15 points for 9-ball and for any match involving an illegal player


14. Regional Qualifier Tournament: At the end of each session we will have a tournament called the Regional Qualifier Tournament for all division playoff winners. From the playoffs of the divisions that have 7 or less teams, will send the first place to the regional, 8-11 teams will send first and second, 12 or more teams will sent first, second, and third. The winners of these tournaments will then advance onto the Northeaster Massachusetts State Finals in June. If a team wins a regional twice, then the team they last defeated would then advance onto the state finals.


15. Ties: In the playoffs, if a match ends up tied in points and neither team has an eligible player, then the team that won two of the first three matches will be declared the winner. If two teams are tied at the end of the year, and they have not played each other, the team who did the best on the last week of play would be the winner. If there is still a tie, then the team who got the most points the week before would be the winner, etc.


16. New Teams: The league operator may add a new team to the league at any time. The new team will receive the lowest point totals of the last place team.


17. Inclement Weather: During bad weather (snow, sleet, etc.), the away teams should inform the home teams of a possible delay. Matches will be rescheduled and must be made up within 2 weeks. Two or more inches of snow is considered inclement weather, however icy conditions could also qualify. Severe weather conditions or travel advisory warnings are good enough reason for rescheduling team matches. Please contact the league office with the time and date of the rescheduled.


18. Protests: All protests must be in writing and include a $25.00 protest fee. Protests will be resolved by the Board of Governors. The team who wins the protest will receive their $25.00 fee back.  The League operator may waive the protest fee. The Board of Governors is made up of Divisions Representatives.


19. Banned: If a player has been banned from a host location, the team must play without him/her when playing at that location.


20. Breaking Down Cue Stick: This is not a loss of game, however it could end up as a sportsmanship violation.


21.    National Rules: Always supersede local bylaws in a higher level tournament.


22.    Playoff Formats:  Playoffs will be two weeks. The first week, the team with the most points plays the wild card team and the team with the second most points will play the team that has the third most points for the session. After that, the two winning teams play for the first and second and the other two teams play for third and fourth. Trophies are awarded to all the players on the first place division team’s roster. In 4 team divisions for week one of playoffs: 1st place gets a bye, 2nd place plays wild card draw between 3rd and 4th, then that winner plays the team that got the most points.




23. Drop Outs: Any team dropping out or being suspended from the league forfeits all benefits, trophies, or other awards.


24. Rescheduled Matches: must be made up within (2) two weeks of the original match, unless pre-approved by the League Office. If not made up within two weeks, zero points will be awarded to both teams. The league office must be notified by both teams of any rescheduled matches at least 48 hours (2 days ) in advance.  Weekly fees will be due for these matches. There is no rescheduling during the last two weeks of the league schedule or during the playoffs. The only way to rescheduling the last two weeks of the league session is to play them in advance with league approval. If you are the team asking for a rescheduling, then you must be willing to go to the opposing team’s location to play the match if requested. 


25. Age Requirement: The age required to join the APA is 18 years old. However, due to State and Local laws if a host location does not allow customers under 21 there restrictions must apply. It is the Captain of each team’s responsibility to verify the age of their players to be of legal age. Teams who play under age players without the written consent of the league will be subject to loss of all points and awards.


26. Ghost Rule: There may be times when teams may not have enough available players to field a full roster of 5 players.  A player’s presence does not necessarily mean that the player is available since that player may not be available due to other potential obligations or maintaining the 23 rule.  The ghost rule allows for the opposing team to choose any one of the available players to play an additional game as long as that player does not put the team over the 23 rule.  Therefore, all players must remain available for the match being played as a ghost. If the opposing team chooses a player that played and is no longer available then the match will be forfeited.  The team using the ghost rule must declare that they may be using the ghost rule before the first match is started.  They also must declare which players are available, which ones are not available and which ones may potentially become available.  The ghost rule can only be used during weekly scheduled play and cannot be used during playoffs or post season tournaments. Use of the ghost rule will be limited to 6 ghost matches per session. Teams must have at least three players in order to use the ghost rule.


27.  50% Rule Violators: Any Team that has Qualified for the LTC and fails to meet the simple standard of placing in the top 50% of their current division may lose the privilege of taking part in the random draw For the LTC. Rather they may be matched up against other teams that have not finished in the top 50% or the next closest team. The League Operator will decide who plays who for these teams. This Option allows the League Operator an additional level to Host a Fair LTC.


28.  Equipment Provided Rule: The Equipment provided by the host location is considered to be the equipment that will be used for all matches. This equipment should be standard pocket billiards equipment. Any questionable equipment should be evaluated by the League Operator and APA National if necessary prior to being used. Equipment includes but is not limited to cue balls, object balls, triangle racks, chalk, bridge sticks and house cues. Two captains can always agree to use certain regulation equipment if they like but if there is any question about what equipment is to be used the host location must be used for the whole match.



Revision 2/28/15